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  • Who Am I

    I am a recent graduate of CUNY, York College with a Bachelor of Science in Communications Technology with a focus in Web Design and with a minor in Sociology. Currently I am an Assistant Supervisor of the Borough of Manhattan Community College contact center and head of its training team. I have worked at Keeper of the Brand which is a digital marketing agency as a Virtual Web Intern. My duties included conceptualizing, designing, creating mock-ups for specific client requests, and keeping digital identities consistent to match look and feel of brand.

  • What I Do

    I am a freelance Web Designer whose projects includes clean and responsive websites that function on a variety of screens and devices. I also hand craft user interfaces placed firmly between the user and the code. I have experience creating Graphic Designs as well as Motion Graphics and proficient in Adobe Suite and Figma. My most recent design project,, has led me to join the Blerds and Nerds Podcast team as its Web Manager which includes maintaining the site and updating content on a weekly basis. And finally, I have experience moderating a number of social media communities.

  • My Ideal Position

    I am ultimately looking for a full-time or part-time position in Web Design, UI Design, Digital Communications Management Front End Development, and/or Content Creation but I am also open to freelance projects. I am proficient in HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, & InDesign.

My Skills and Competencies

HTML = 90%
CSS = 80%
JavaScript = 70%
Figma = 90%
Adobe Photoshop = 90%
Adobe Illustrator = 90%
Adobe After Effects = 80%
Adobe InDesign = 80%
jQuery = 70%
Bootstrap = 80%
Wordpress = 85%
PHP = 65%

Web Designs

Blerds and Nerds Podcast

A responsive site built in HTML5 for the Blerds and Nerds Podcast team. It holds multiple pages for podcast episodes equipped with audio players, and a contact form built with PHP. The site also has WordPress subdomain which the team can use for blogging. The blog site is embedded in an iframe on the homepage.

Titian Spec Site

A fully responsive and functioning art specification site dedicated to Italian painter Tiziano “Titian” Vecellio built with a redesign of an HTML5 UP template, external CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. The use of wire frames, SVG image files, sourced text content, color palette and a mood board was also involved in this process. Functionality and designed changes were based off of UX research and survey results.

Keeper of the Brand

A redesign of the Keeper of the Brand website. Built with Wix, it sports a multitude of elements and staying consistent with the color palette throughout the website.

Royal Chi Designs

Another website created in Wix. This site was designed for the Royal Chi fashion line and was designed with e-commerce in mind.

Cassini Tours

A responsive landing page for a "space touring company" built with HTML and external CSS and using and SVG image icon, and stylized fonts on top of an embedded image (using the no-repeat, center, and cover elements to encompass the entire page).

Gourmet E-mail Design

A redesigning of my Jalapeno Popper recipe page only this time stylized in the appearance of a gourmet email advertisement. Built with HTML and CSS. Implemented use of tables, links, two stylized fonts, and an embedded video as well as manipulation of div styling and border radius. A color palette was also used in this process.

Lify Landing Page

A responsive landing page built with HTML and external CSS and using and SVG image icon, and stylized fonts on top of an embedded image (using the no-repeat, center, and cover elements to encompass the entire page).

Web Development Projects

Data Visualization

Force Directed Chart

Pie Chart Visualization


Postcode Finder

Google Map

Weather App


Forms and Tables

Modals, Popovers, and Tooltips



Code Player

Draggable and Resizable


Changing Website Style

Animating Content


Contact Form

Post Variables



Circle Challenge



E-mail Signup

Graphic Design Projects

Below are my curated Graphic Design works consisting of a collection of graphic and typography projects produced mostly using Illustrator and InDesign. Also included are program designs, letter heads, mission posters, and an updated logo of for the non-profit organization Charity Water.

Motion Graphics Projects

Below is a carousel of my curated Motion Graphic Designs. This slideshow consists of composited assets animated using a combination of Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Photoshop Projects

Below are my curated Photoshop works as well as personal projects.

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